"We Live in an Amazing Place" is a children's book which I wrote, illustrated and designed. It was successfully funded on Kickstarter, being named one of their "Projects We Love."

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The story follows a young Siberian Husky named Andrew, who moves from the countryside to the big city. After spending most of his life exploring the outdoors, he is surprised to find that things are much different in the city. Most of the new friends he meets seem to be content staying inside and sitting in front of screens all the time. After meeting a few other friends who have a similar interest in nature, they decide to start going on regular adventures by exploring the natural environment that lies just outside of the city. Through it all he is reminded that friends come in all shapes and sizes, and by exploring nature we can all enjoy the environment we live in while creating a stronger community.
The book is 32 pages, hardcover-bound, and includes debossed text on the front cover. It also includes custom decorative endpapers.

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Portland, OR